We want machine learning to be accessible for all.

Artificial intelligence is the future. You shouldn’t need to have a billion dollar valuation to leverage AI for your business. Let's build the future, together.


Our founders have started and worked for several startups and research labs, bringing a unique, entrepreneurial approach to solving complex AI problems.


William Guss

William Guss is computer scientist and mathematician from Salt Lake City, Utah. His doctoral research was in deep learning theory and deep reinforcement learning at Carnegie Mellon University under Ruslan Salakhutdinov. During his time at Carnegie Mellon, he founded the MineRL project with the broad goal of developing general AI in Minecraft using human priors. MineRL was acquired by OpenAI in 2020, where he served as a research scientist, codeveloping Github Copilot and Codex in addition to developing algorithms for imitation learning and model alignment. William completed his bachelors in Pure Mathematics at UC Berkeley where he was awarded the Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship, the highest honor awarded to undergraduates. During his time at Berkeley, William received the Amazon Alexa Prize Grant for the development of conversational AI and co-founded Machine Learning at Berkeley. ​​


Alex Chan

Alex Chan has several years of experience in solving complex software and machine learning problems and leading engineering teams. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 3 years with a computer science degree, Alex started off his career as machine learning engineer at Hubspot, developing state of the art natural language processing tools including sentiment analysis, conversational agents, and topic labelling. He went on to become one of the early engineers at Deliverr (a now Series E startup valued at $2B), developing the core infrastructure and services at the company. His latest experience comes as the founder and CTO of Better Sports Corporation, where he spearheaded the development, architecture design, engineering team from the ground up.


We’re a motivated, creative team of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs

We are no ordinary research team. Forget all of your preconceptions about engineers; we are a friendly, creative team with a vast array of personal and professional experiences. We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate effectively with our clients - we see each project as an opportunity to collaborate in solving challenging business problems.

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