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We will work with you to make machine learning solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Lydian AI provides custom tailored machine learning solutions to your business. Our team brings experience from OpenAI, UC Berkeley, and CMU research labs and entrepreneurial experience starting Silicon Valley tech startups.

The first step will be an initial consultation with our chief research scientist and head of engineering. From there, we will work intimately with your team to provide state of the art models, tools, and services for your machine learning needs. We will make it simple to integrate these new tools into your current tech stack and product.

Services Offered

We offer a variety of services to fit your business's needs.

Bring us your data problems and we'll develop a solution custom to the problem you're tackling.
Our diverse team can bring research and startup knowledge to help advise the technical direction of your startup.
Can't find the right engineers? We'll connect you to the right person for the job.


We bring our diverse experience advising and working at top Silicon Valley startups to your fingertips. Our team can help you make key technical decisions that most benefit your business.

Review your current technology stack and data approach for improvements and optimizations.
Learn about the latest trends in AI/ML and how they can be integrated into your product.
Transform your existing data streams into crucial insights.
Optimize your existing models and data pipelines with our extensive, diverse technical experience.


Our team brings the most innovative technology in the AI space into our consulting projects. We take a pragmatic, outcome-driven approach to building machine learning systems.

Data Analysis
Interpret and understand your existing data in new ways with analytical insights.
Software Development
Use software to accelerate, simplify, and automate your data workflows.
Predictive Modeling
Make informed decisions, predict KPIs, and learn about your customers with predictive modeling.
Data Pipelining
Collect data from crucial sources to unlock customer and product insights.
Natural Language Processing
Turn qualitative data into quantitative data with NLP to understand your customers better.
Conversational Agents
Automate customer service and enhance customer experience with AI-powered conversational agents.
Track important KPIs and product metrics with data visualizations - all in one place.
Computer Vision
Extract useful information from images and videos for object recognition, VR/AR, and much more.
Recommendation Systems
Give users the power of personalization by giving them recommendations based on their behaviors.
Trend Projection
Gain crucial insights about how KPIs look in the future.

our expertise

Computer Vision

Tools and Frameworks

Convolutional Neural Networks
Collaborative Filtering
Recurrent Neural Networks
Reinforcement Learning
Data Analysis
Semantic Segmentation

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